Success can definitely be achieved. How?

Success can definitely be achieved via sound and continuous practice over an extended period of time, carried out in a serious and thoughtful manner.

Man this really hits home this week.. This makes me think of everything from my Ashtanga practice to learning a new programming language to building wealth.

The word continuous really sticks out to me. Making time to “practice” whatever you are serious about is important and should be scheduled.

Extended period of time reminds us not to expect immediate results.

The compound effect of doing something continuously over an extended period of time is powerful.

An Amateur is Defensive

In a moment of synchronicity I flipped to a chapter in Ego is the Enemy and read the the line “an amateur is defensive”. If you have acted with good intention just state the facts then persuade to your point of view or work to solve the problem. If you have made a mistake, admit it so you can move forward in solving the issue at hand.

I find it is useful to here is how I see it or here is my thinking or in my experience, basically justify why you made the decision you did or admin why you failed to act.

Day 130: Today I did not break

Day 130 of not drinking. I’ve wondered if I’d post an update today. I almost didn’t. I’ve been wondering if I do it out of accountability or vanity. It’s easy to post about all the benefits not drinking has had in my life so far. A picture of me smiling or laughing is easy. So today I share the other side. Today I fell apart. Today wasn’t easy. Today there was no yoga pose or Yoda doll. Today it was sitting with pure unexplained raw emotions. But part of this journey is to feel more. To sit with my emotions and just be. Shit is hard. There are so many ways to drown your feelings. Today I had to show up with my emotions in tow and that’s what I did. I did not break. Day 130 was a success.

Cosplayful or Let Me Be Me by Being an Elf?

“Attract what you want by being what you want”

I am not sure of the origins of that quote. I found it on Instagram with no source, but I like it. It reminds me how happy it feel when I quit worrying about what others think about me and just live my life doing the things that interest me.

Well, apparently one of those things for me wearing elf ears at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I walked around with big fucking ears and a big fucking smile all day. Isn’t that all we can really as for?

Basically, I want to be an elf in your movie.

I think I’d make a damn fine elf, and I think the next time someone makes a movie in Atlanta and needs a grown ass man with elf ears they should choose me. What do you think?

Elven mage. Warrior. Moon elf. Sun elf. High elf. Doesn’t matter. Sign me up.

It’s going to be a tough choice come Dragoncon. Elf or Jedi? Maybe I can talk my buddy Walker into cosplaying with me by then.

Making Effective Use of the Facebook Action Button.

Our current Facebook action button goes directly to our e-commerce platform.

I am investigating if this would be more effective as a newsletter signup. My hypothesis is converting a Facebook page view to a newsletter subscriber has a higher customer lifetime value than the attempting to convert the Facebook page view to an e-commerce purchase.

How many people are clicking the Facebook page action button in a week? 5 clicks this week.

The number of clicks is on a button is often a function of placement, design and call to action.

How many viewed the Facebook page in that same week? 105 views

So my conversion was around 5% of view to Facebook Action button

So basically out of 100 visitors to the Facebook page 5 click the “shop now” action button.


So here is our equation

#Facebook page visitors X action button click rate =  # of opportunities for desired conversion

  • How do I drive up the number of Facebook page visitors?
  • How do I increase the number of clicks on the action button?

Next you need to know what your conversion rate for you desired outcome is.

If you have a UTM tag on your Show Now action button link you can track if the visitor has purchased from following the link in the action button. I am betting this is pretty low.

I believe the barrier for action is lower on asking someone to sign up for a newsletter than to make a one time purchase from a Facebook page.



Highlights from “The Honesty of Ashtanga Yoga”

I credit many of the changes in my life to my Ashtanga yoga practice and community. This article on The Honesty of Ashtanga Yoga does a great job of capturing why it resonates with me. Here are some highlights:

– Ashtanga was going to tell me the truth even when it might push my ego-driven, insecure self away.
– Just the raw, honest truth of sincere, disciplined practice.
– You must simply humble yourself and work your ass off.
– No bullshit. Just the hard, beautiful, potent truth of yoga practice and of life–there is no way out but through.

Please give it a read

I may have to save a copy in my Evernote for safe keeping.

Become Aware of Your Strengths

As I was reading John Maxwell’s book and first chapter I got to thinking about a strength finder’s test I took. I found the result to be accurate and reaffirming.

Here are some strengths/ behavior testing tools: