1135 Days Sober: Not Knowing How to Change
Jan 1st 2020: Three Years Sober Today
1088 Days Sober: A Christmas to Remember
1064 days sober: So what happened last night
1051 Days Sober: The Choice Was Made Long Before the Action
1010 days sober: My Sadhana
1000 Days Sober: Only you can save you.
990 Days Sober
910 days sober: A perspective on letting go and coming back.
900 Days Sober:  On what to do with feedback
890 days sober: Running on empty.
820 Days Sober: I Believe in a Better South
810 days sober: I'll start Monday
Not bad for 800 days sober.
790 Days sober: I don’t have to feel this way.
780 days sober: Where did 10 days go?
770 Days Sober: A Reminder this is Temporary
760 days sober: New Beginnings
750 days sober. It's not magic. It's practice.
740 days sober: In 2200 characters or less.
Two years sober: Change your mind.
720 days sober: A Christmas to Remember
700 days sober: Where does this path lead?
680 days sober: What do I do now?
670 days sober: Sobriety is an internal project.
660 days sober: I love magic, unicorns and rainbows
650 days sober: Sometimes it enough to just be sober
642 days sober: 30 days without caffeine
630 days sober: The Trini Foundation
620 Days Sober: The Cost of My Sobriety
610 Days Sober: On This Great Adventure together.
Day 590: On porn addiction and reading
580 days sober: Two brothers
520 days sober: A Target Yoga Mat
500 Days Sober: My Life is not perfect
Day 496: Graduating and looking for your first job? Do what Kate did.
Day 460: A dedicated yoga practice changed our lives
Day 440: Finding Ways to Keep Butler Sober.
Day 430 of not drinking: LinkedIn Helped Change My Life.
410 days sober: Change over time.
Day 398: Do the Art Thing
375 days of sobriety: An Opportunity to Build Strength.
Year 1. I have been sober for one year.
I've been sober for 360 days
Day 350 of Sobriety: I'll Be Home for Christmas
Day 340: Thanks Taylor Hunt
330 days sober: The hardest words to write.
Day 320: Sober and Grateful to Boot
I've been sober 300 days.
290 Days Sober: The Patience of a Teacher
Day 280: The Weekend that could have never been
Day 230 of sobriety: What is in a moment?
Day 220 of Not Drinking: No BS
I know change is possible.
On day 210 of not drinking, I am a humbled man.
200 Days Sober: Really Facing Yourself for the First time
Six months since I stopped drinking
Day 170 of not drinking: What matter most
Day 130: Today I did not break
January 1 2017 - 0 Days Sober

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