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A play by play Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration

Add this point you might be tempted to just migrate it all in once shot. Don’t!

Instead be methodical and logical.

We can clean up our migration status but only looking at the migrations we are intersted in. In this case migrate_drupal_7

From this point forward I have two terminals open. One to run migrate:import and one to check the status of the import with migrate:status

Migrate Users

I started with users first.

The reason it is important to do individual migrations or sets of migrations is that the occasional error can come up you need to resolve.

I first tested the waters with a couple of individual migrations starting with upgrade_d7_user_role

All good!

Now I decided to do my largest import in my user migration group. I can use grep here to narrow down migration:status to all migrations that have user in its migration name.

I can check the status periodically in my other terminal:

And I finish up with individual migrations that have to do with users.

Next I decided to do files. It is important to me that my files are migrated in the upgrade.

This time I added the –verbose option, mostly because why not.

I see after the job finished I had 13 failures.

This lines up with my status check after the upgrade_d7_file job is finished.

I wanted to learn more about these 13 failures so I can user the migrate:messages command.

And sure enough it gives me some information on what failed and now I can go investigate and resolves or make note of it and address manually at the end of the migration.

A quick spot check in my files directory tells me the drupal 7 to drupal 8 file migration worked.

Satisfied that worked, I just went ahead and did any remaining migrations that were associated with files.

And then import any that haven’t already been processed.

Next I am going to do filters. No logical reason than I know nodes often have filters associated with them so making a guess here.

Let me see what needs upgrading from filters.

I seem to have caught a couple of errors.

I used the messages command to examine the errors.

A glance at the errors tells me that it has defaulted the filters to null. I can address this later in the database so I’m making the call not to address this during the migration.

On the the next grouping of migrations.