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Installing Apache Solr 8.2.0 on Ubuntu 19.04

I’m currently hosting all my Drupal and WordPress sites on Digital Ocean. I am using a droplet running Ubuntu 19.04 and Digital Ocean’s managed database. I want to offload searches to Apache Solr and offer recommended posts on YeahChemistry.com

Check version of Ubuntu

Check Java version

Solr require Java 8 or higher so check version. It is recommended to use the latest version of Java

Java was not found on my Digital Ocean Droplet so I installed it.

Checking Java version again

Download Solr

Go to your user home directory

Check Apache Solr site for latest version:

Run the script installer inside the extracted Solr directory.

Check that Solr is running

Enable Solr to start on boot or reboot

Access Solr Dashboard


Create a Collection


Quick Solr Tutorial

Solr ships with sample documents you can index into a collection.


The tutorial on the Apache Solr might be a bit confusing relative to this article so here is how you would recreate it.