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Installing Drupal 8 from the command line without Composer.

I am not fully sold on installing Drupal 8 with Composer yet. Mostly because the paradigm shift can be a bit much for those coming from previous versions of Drupal or WordPress is large. There is some PHP memory management issues with. You either have to change to change the composer file or your virtual host to match the directory structure.

So we will take it in steps and explore just installing Drupal 8 from the command line the old fashioned way. After that consider using Composer to add modules and themes.

For this tutorial there are a few things I’ve already setup:

    • Amazon EC2 instance
    • Apache 2.4
      • Virtual host document root set to home/$user/public_html
    • PHP version 7.1
      •  PHP-FPM
    • Amazon RDS
      • MariaDB

Let’s get to it.

Next I create a new database on my Amazon RDS instance

Go to the Drupal web installer. When you enter the database name, username and password, also remember to click Advanced and change localhost to the RDS endpoint.

Finish the Drupal web installer.