Metaverse: Buying my first ship in Star Atlas

This is probably more appropriately titled Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Solana Blockchain.

Star Atlas doesn't refer to itself as a metaverse but effectively it is. 

Star Atlas utilizes the Solana blockchain which means we will need a Solana Blockchain wallet and a Solana (SOL).

Which Solana Wallet did I use?

I decided to use Phantom 

Where did I buy Solana (SOL)?

Where to acquire SOL is like the most challenging part of this.

I bought SOL on Coinbase, then moved it over to Coinbase Pro.

From Coinbase Pro you can withdraw you Solana to your Phantom Wallet.


One of the first things you will do in Star Atlas is pick a Faction. This will require you have some miniscule amount of SOL in your wallet. You will a small amount of SOL for transaction fees

After that the main currencies are Atlas and USDC. However this is USDC on the Solana blockchain.


Convert SOL to USDC on the Solana blockchain.


I was able to swap my Solana to USDC right inside my Phantom wallet.

Buying a Ship in Star Atlas


I now go over the marketplace to buy my first ship. There are some expensive one. Too rich for my blood.


I bought the cheapest uncommon. The transaction with a bit wonky as it said it failed but I bought the ship anyway.


Claim you ship


Next you will have to claim your ship. Effectively this is claiming your NFT. This failed 5 times for me before I had a success. I am unsure if it was because transactions were back up but I got no message. Eventually it went through and I have a starship in my inventory.