620 Days Sober: The Cost of My Sobriety

Down dog yoga pose

I recently had someone in one of my communities relapse. It really has me thinking about how people can get the help they need when cost alone can be preventative.

Let me start by saying that I knowingly write this coming for a place of privilege. I am a very fortunate person.

I am cognizant most people do not have access to the care or resources I do. Maybe this will open some eyes to why these epidemics are so hard to solve especially in rural and poverty stricken areas.

I am also aware there are low cost or free alternatives to the path I have chosen to take. I do not claim my path is the only or right path, but I am compelled to share exactly what has worked for me this far in case it can help someone.

I also worry people think yoga is the only thing I do that keeps me sober, strong, and resilient. My yoga practice and community is only a part of what sustains me.

Five years ago, the rest of my life depending on me taking action. I am sober, and this is what it costs me.

$320 a month for private psychotherapy with one of Atlanta's leading addiction psychologists. (~2 sessions per month, 5+ years). Insurance covers none of this. It is the state of mental healthcare. Blue Cross Blue Shield will pay up to the price they dictate and by the time you reach your deductible, the year is up.

$160 a month for group psychotherapy consisting of members dealing with a ride range of trauma (2.5 years, currently do not attend)

$175 every 3 months to see a psychiatrist for meds check (2 years). My whole life I have made every excuse for why I don't need medicine, but I was willing to pour alcohol and drugs in my body with reckless abandon. Makes no sense.

$150 a month for unlimited yoga classes. I attend an Ashtanga Mysore program ran by the most loving and dedicated teachers I know.

$15 a month for medicines. I take Zoloft daily.

It has not cost me any of the things I feared I would lose:

Great and loving friends.
An active and fun social life.
Any joy or happiness.

I love you. Please feel free to share.

I am raising $1000 for the Trini Foundation this month during National Recovery Month. The Trini Foundation provides scholarships for yoga to supplement recovery programs.