Day 398: Do the Art Thing

Picture of me drinking about to buy my first piece of art

398 days sober....

I started the day with a hangover. Unfortunately this was not uncommon back then. I had to "teach". Today would be a movie day.

I enjoyed teasing my students with music, movies and people outside of their pop culture knowledge. We had "guess the song" pop quizzes that featured 90 rap, 80s music and golden country. With my head pounding and looking for something somewhat science based, I happened upon "How William Shatner Changed the World". They would meet Captain Kirk.

A thesis in this movie was that much of the technology we enjoy today was first "invented" by writers and set designers who constructed technology out of words and carboard boxes. This on-screen technology etched in some kid's mind, and they dreamed of building it one day.

Years later I was invited to ideate with some really smart people for friend's new business concept. Their professions ranged from art, design, policy to technology. Chris Appleton of WonderRoot and I openly discussed the differences and similarities in how artists and software engineers think and work. I realized how little I knew about an artist's work, but something seemed familiar and akin to why I enjoyed programming.

Artists can "build things" way before the technology exists. I began to question just how fictive our world is.

I set out to learn more about the local art community. I didn't know where to start. Nevertheless I set out. My plan was to engage with Chris and WonderRoot, but along the way I found BURNAWAY. I joined BURNAWAY's board knowing very little about art. I wondered how my country ass would fit in.

I was at opening at Kibbee Gallery There was this damn pink cat with big green eyes. I was mesmerized by this piece but was afraid to buy it. I didn't know if it was the "right" type of art to buy. I worried if other people would like it. The same themes that have haunted me my entire life.

Preston approaches me. "Butler if you like it, buy it. It is obvious you do. There is no requirement other than if YOU love it or not." I bought my first piece of art that night.

Tonight I am helping host BURNAWAY's Art Crush. I hope to see you there. Come as you are.

NO whiskey was consumed in the recreation of this event.