I've been sober 300 days.

Butler standing with Flo

As I was reading early this morning, I received a text from Flo.

"On your way?" She was holding me accountable to showing up to practice today.

Flo and I call each other sober buddies, but in truth she is my inspiration and role model.
Today I have been sober for 300 days. Today Flo has been sober for 20 months (608 days.) I have been fortunate to witness Flo's transformation both physically and spiritually over the last 20 months. She showed me sobriety was achievable with consistent practice, focus and self-love. It is a blessing to have someone to model my behavior after, and a gift for her to care enough about me to hold me accountable.

Sutra 1.20 reads,

shraddha virya smriti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham

Others [those not born a yogi] follow a five-fold systematic path of 1) faithful certainty in the path, 2) directing energy towards the practices, 3) repeated memory of the path and the process of stilling the mind, 4) training in deep concentration, and 5) the pursuit of real knowledge, by which the higher samadhi (asamprajnata samadhi) is attained.

The entire passage is powerful, but one word stood out, shraddha

Shraddha: Developing the faith that you are going in the right direction or the conscious faith in goal.

For once in my life I have faith I am on the right path. I see Flo, and know what is possible. Thank you.

"Let the god that is within you be the champion of the being you are" Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 3.5

Flo, I can definitely see the goddess in you. By focusing on finding your true self you make us all better.

Flo inspired me to be open and transparent about my sobriety. We both choose not to be anonymous about our recovery. My hope is that by sharing my journey I might help someone the way Flo has helped me.

Flo and I both credit the Ashtanga method of yoga with helping us get sober and maintain our sobriety. We support Taylor Hunt and the Trini Foundation and their efforts bring the life-changing practice of Ashtanga yoga to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Please consider sharing this post and donating.