March 11, 2018 admin

Transferring Drupal Apache Solr configuration files to EC2 Solr instance.

I decided to put Apache Solr on a separate EC2 instance. A requirement of this module is that you use the core configuration files from the Solr API module. If it was on the same server we could just copy the files but since this is a different server we need to move them either from server to server or local machine (laptop or desktop) to the Solr server.

We will use the secure copy protocol which is based on SSH secure shell protocol. The command is scp.

You need to locate the fully qualified path to your private key. I am not sure where you store your but a common place to store your private ssh keys are /home/.ssh

You will need to public DNS of the server you are copying to.

I like to login and make sure that the program we need, in this case scp, is installed.

whereis scp

This will copy to the home directory.

scp -i /home/.ssh/my-key-pair.pem /path/solor_module

I think it easier to just copy to your home directory and then move (mv) or copy (cp) once you have it on the remove sever.

This all would have been a lot easier had I just put Apache Solr on the same instance as my Drupal website, but I like playing around.

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