Why you need an Amazon Elastic IP Address.

If you are using Amazon Web Services and EC2 instances, go ahead and setup an Elastic IP address.

I am just going to save a you a little time here. We have chosen to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it is easy to create and terminate free Linux based servers thought their EC2 instances. We can try things out, and if I need to start over we can just terminate the EC2 instance and start again. Of we can quickly back it up and revert back to a previous state if we become frustrated.

However, my hope is that you get to a point where you are building an application you are interested in continuing. Inevitably you you’ll need to stop and restart you EC2 instance.

Whenever you start your EC2 instance it is assigned a public IP address and a public DNS. The public DNS resolves to the public IP address. You will be using these to connect to the server, and maybe to request your web application.

However, if you stop and restart this server, both the public IP address and the public DNS will change. You will then have to go update these wherever you have used them. It could be in your SSH command or your SFTP settings or in your local hosts file you are using to resolve virtual domains on your Apache server.

Regardless, it is annoying but there is often a price to pay for convenience, and it is super convenient to be able to spin up free computers whenever you need them.

We get around this by using Amazon’s Elastic IP addresses.

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